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"Downtown Decorators are fabulous! We are in the process of renovating our family home and just completed the master bathroom, which is now gorgeous. Jaclyn’s design sense, communication style and personality made working with her a pleasure. I can’t imagine doing this project without her and would go out of my way to recommend her to anyone."

Lori T. - Florham Park, NJ

We aim to do more than just improve your space.
We're your partners in design.

  • Process - Our team understands that a creative idea will fall flat on its face unless executed well. We pride ourselves on a streamlined process that makes renovation and design easy. We call this our "GutRenoGirl" services since we have team members who have been through massive Gut Renovations themselves.
  • Efficiency - We use the latest systems and technology to offer service the way you expect it - fast and simple.
  • Creativity - We don't just create beautiful spaces. We deep dive into our customer's deepest design desires and deliver a design concept that's uniquely you.
  • Personalization - Our team prides itself on high levels of customer service. We manage every project as if it were our own.
  • Passion it's clear: we love our job! The first on the scene and the last on the email chain, we are obsessed with great design and an even better client experience.


Interior renovations are the biggest project you can undertake on your home or investment property. We love helping our clients re-imagine their space to function the best way possible, and shine up that diamond in the rough.
All renovation projects start with outlining our client's goals, formulating a budget, developing creative design concepts and aligning on a style concept. Once we've shared this with all stakeholders, we source and procure materials and work hand in hand with our team to deliver a quality product that exceeds client expectations.


We're not just about pretty pillows. From the first piece of moulding to the last vase on the mantle, our white-glove level of design service helps you to define your dream space in a way you just couldn't put on words.
Custom designs are our specialty. No two spaces of ours are ever alike. We never reuse materials on a project, and if you can dream it, we can create it. We will take your hopes and dreams for your property and translate it into a design aesthetic that's uniquely you.

We'd love to be your partner in design.

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